1: Indentify company goals and targets.

2: Reduce costs by up to 35 %.

3: Reduce DOWN TIME in the production area.

4: Long term investments, like production equipment and optimization tools.

5: Increase avalability of productions equipment.

6: Developing of all company organizations.

7: Expand focus in areas with greater value to the company.

8: The OEE index has to be realized to "World Class".

Eliminate labour accidents.

10: The Company has to appear as an attractive workplace.

11: Waste has to be reduced by 50 %.

12. Customer complaints has to be reduced, in order to improve the credibility.

13: Implements new tools for optimizing of the productions equipment.

14: Save the company existence with the help of value-adding activities.

15: The Company has to fulfil demands from external interest, like investors and authorities.